Established in Paris 1896 by Charles Pathe and his brother Émile, Pathé pioneered the production and sale of phonographs before rapidly becoming one of the largest film studios in the world - producing and distributing some 10,000 silent films in its first two decades.

Today, Pathé remains one of the world’s longest running moving-image companies; a leading independent producer, sales agent and distributor, as well as one of Europe’s largest exhibitor chains.

The Pathé UK team have won 17 BAFTAs and 14 Oscars in recent years across titles ranging from The Queen and Slumdog Millionaire to Philomena and Selma, all whilst working with some of the greatest talents of the big screen.

In 2023, the company gained a new TV production focus with the joining of CEO Faith Penhale, ushering in an exciting new era for Pathe in the UK with talent-led, signature television drama.

Meet the team

Jon Addison
Office Assistant
Joanna Betts
Development Assistant
James Clarke
Finance Director
Pierre du Plessis
Director of Business Affairs
Jen Hawley
Senior Creative Executive
John McGrory
Finance Manager
Jack Myles
Head of Business Affairs and TV/Digital
Faith Penhale
Managing Director
Caroline Stone
Commercial Director
Waihun Tang
Finance Manager