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15 December 2006
The story of how the abused and psychologically disturbed Billy Lenz wreaked revenge on his ‘family’ one Christmas is so horrific that it’s become the stuff of urban legend and the old Lenz house still evokes a wary superstition amongst those who remember him.
But those events are all long in the past. Billy is safely locked up and now the house is home to sorority sisters Kelli, Melissa, Heather, Dana, and their housemother.
It’s a few days before Christmas and snow is falling heavily outside. The housemates are full of yuletide good cheer. They’re celebrating the holidays and swapping gifts around the Christmas tree when the phone rings. Their caller is not wishing them well and worse still, they soon discover that he’s making his viscous threats from somewhere inside the house. As sheer terror takes over and the body count grows, they realise that their only chance of survival is to find their unseen guest before he finds them...
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